Digital projects are the key for every organization, and we can be the ones to unlock success through technology solutions.

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Why Consultadd Technology Services?

With a decade of experience in technology, Consultadd Inc has built the right expertise to help your projects, focusing on Cloud (AWS), Data, and web technologies. Knowledge is our strength, and execution is our key to success.

Here are four reasons you should choose us to solve your technology problems, our people, honest communication, quality, and availability.

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  • People

    We have the right expertise to deliver great projects. Being a culture-first company, our people are our strength.

  • Availability

    In the era of remote working, time colocation is a new way to collaborate and deliver faster.

  • Communication

    Honest communication can make project processes smoother and faster and support agility.

  • Quality

    We know that non-functional requirements like performance and security are necessary and can impact quality.

our approach

A good strategy for inception is crucial for great success!

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    Problem Understanding

    Discussing problems over a virtual coffee can be a significant step to start.

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    Proof Of Concept (POC)

    Before we start to finish it all, let’s work on a concept solution.

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    A good start can lead to a strong partnership that we build and thrive.