What is a Minimum Viable Product?

Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup, published in 2011, revolutionized the startup world by introducing several new principles. One of these was the MVP or minimum viable product. A minimum viable product (MVP) is an initial version of a product with its fundamental components and features, just enough to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback and help determine its potential in the market. You can use MVPs to gauge how customers respond to a fresh idea. If the idea has merit, you can use customer feedback to design the following variant of the product, thus protecting time and resources by making sure you are investing in a project that’s likely to be successful. 

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Our comprehensive set of MVP Development Services includes the following services.

  • Market Evaluation

    The final goal is to develop the specific product that solves the primary needs and recognize product-market fit as early as possible by carefully investing time and capital. By looking at the market, proposed users, and the competition.

  • Marketing Strategy

    After assessing the market environment where we will place the product, we illustrate a plan specifying how to proceed. We take a marketing attitude that answers user problems, meets user preferences, and highlights product uniqueness.

  • Prototype Design

    A verified and attractive prototype is needed to showcase before prospective clients and customers. We design practical, convenient, and fluent interfaces with aspired UX in mind, including minimum functionality and the business needs.

  • Project Development

    Following the identification of the test market and the product design, we work on an appropriate version of the product. Our MVP development team strives to build the product users want and base the design on the prototype’s functionality and features. The key characteristics of any MVPs are scalable infrastructure, manageable distribution, user-centric design, and adjustable development of functionality.

  • MVP Delivery and Further Evaluation

    We test our MVP on authentic devices and rely on genuine user insights to ensure the product is set for launch and will function as expected. We observe how users interact with the MVP, recognize risks, develop the risk management plan, and update features to cater to the needs and expectations of an expanding number of users.

  • Focusing on the USP

    We intend to have as many customers as possible for our clients. And that is unlikely if customers become entangled in a web of features. The chances are that if there isn’t that one key feature (USP) that can stand on its own, adding more features will not make the product to be a must-have. We incorporate the core functionalities, focusing on minimum required functionality while keeping the product’s essence in mind.


Our services offer a unique set of benefits.

  • Agile Development

    Fewer features mean limited time to market; being agile is requisite for building an MVP. We at Consultadd give our clients fully developed programmed features to test and receive feedback as soon as possible.

  • Cost Efficient

    Fewer expenses mean it’s easier to generate ROI. With MVP software development, you can make swift changes based on early feedback so that, in the end, you can create a product or service that’s useful, and needed with minimum investment.

  • IN-DEPTH Assessment

    We follow a meticulous development process and thoroughly investigate the environment surrounding your prospective product – competitors, audience, market, biases, and potential investors.

  • Proactive Collaboration

    We’ve learned over the years in software engineering how critical it is to guide our clients through difficult decisions and to be honest with them. As a result, we practice proactive collaboration.

  • Extensive Technology Skills

    When you work with Consultadd, you can rest assured that we will meet all of your IT needs. Our expertise ranges from custom web development and product design to extensive distributed systems.

  • Business Oriented Strategy

    Rather than completing the project, our primary goal is to meet the needs of the business. We want your product to succeed and work with you on a long-term basis. As your technology partner, we prioritize your business objectives and strategy.

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