What is Node?

Node is an open-source back-end JavaScript runtime environment that is cross-platform, uses a V8 engine, and mostly runs outside of the web browser. Some corporations that use Node are GoDaddy, Groupon, Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon Web Services, PayPal, SAP, Voxer, etc.

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At ConsultAdd, we have a dedicated team of node js developers to build any applications you want.

Save your precious time by outsourcing your projects to us. Let’s get started.


No matter what your requirements are, we are sure we can offer you something you may need. Here are some of the solutions we provide.

  • Node Full-Stack Development

    Node’s feature-rich interface allows our developers to create web apps that are very high in performance, user-friendly, and real-time web apps. Node-based web apps will perform smoother and offer rich usability. We scale it according to your requirements and deploy it however you need. Our solutions are cost-effective and offer far higher value than the competition.

  • Node Consulting Services

    If you plan to develop an application with node.js but are unsure what features you would need for your business, call us. We offer consultation services at no extra cost. Our team of developers will assess the situation and advise accordingly. Once they have everything that they need, they will devise a plan on how you should proceed.

  • Node Enterprise Solutions

    Node.js has been one of the most efficient server-side frameworks and implemented by industry giants such as Netflix, NASA, and others in their respective fields. Our experience with enterprise projects with SMEs in fortune 500 companies would solve your node requirements.

  • Node Mobile App Development

    Our team has developed various mobile applications over the years. They have evolved from messengers to powerful applications. The Node mobile app development is an excellent platform, one where you can genuinely bring your visions to life. You can give us a call and make your requirements known to us, and we will show you a demo of how great it works.

  • Node Migration Services

    If you developed your project with a different platform and hate having to rewrite all the codes from scratch, then you are in luck. We will take the burden of migrating your application code to shift it over to the Node platform. Gone are the days when you had to write from scratch when you switched platforms, thanks to modern technologies.

  • Serverless functions with node.js

    Serverless functions are easy to deploy and maintain code units. Node JS is one of the most preferred programming languages for serverless function services like AWS Lambda. With our node.js and AWS lambda expertise, we can help you solve your serverless use case.


Here are some of our unique set of benefits that you cannot get anywhere else.

  • Customized Node.js Services

    Our team of experienced NodeJS engineers can provide you with customized solutions, taking care of your diverse and unique business needs. Depending on your requirement, you can utilize and capitalize on the skills of our experienced NodeJS engineers, who can create real-time scalable apps.

  • Scale quickly

    Node.js is modular and event-based programming. It helps to add new capabilities to your server-side code straightforward and fast. Suppose your scalability and flexibility are priorities for your unique project, or you are looking to grow existing node applications for new modules. In that case, consultadd can help you do it effectively.

  • Performance and Speed

    With increasing hardware resources and high bandwidth availability, performance is a crucial factor in developing the application. Node’s non-blocking i/o operations make it one of the fastest server-side run time environments. Our expertise with node.js can help you deliver high-performance code.

  • Fast Time to market

    Node’s extensive open-source package library makes it easy to plugin basic functionalities, and you can avoid reinventing the wheel. The open-source predeveloped packages help you improve both time-to-ship and budget. And JavaScript being basic programming, it is easy to learn and build for even developers.

  • API devlopement for mobile

    Due to its flexibility, scalability, performance, and less development time, node.js has become very popular for API development of mobile applications. If you want to upgrade the back-end for your mobile or go serverless, we can help you with our expertise.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


Our node.js technology expertise


Express is a flexible and powerful Node.js framework for API development.


Socket.io is an effective chat application development tool for node.js.


Meteor is a Node-based framework for web and cross-platform mobile applications.

Web Storm

WebStorm is a versatile JS IDE, a one-stop place for node.js app development.


Mocha is a modular JavaScript test framework based on Node JS.

Case Study

Tariff Management using Node.js

An internal product where the client needs to obtain tariffs for various services from third party rest Apis and provide a unified endpoint for its client to access.