What is GraphQL?

GraphQL refers to an open-source data query and manipulation language that we initially developed by Facebook in 2012, and the first public release came in 2015. It works as a runtime for fulfilling questions with existing data. While Facebook initially developed it, a lot of people from communities contributed to the platform.

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Here are some of the significant GraphQL-based solutions that we provide.

  • One Data Graph For All

    If your organization has multiple teams and systems, you would most definitely want to make the most out of it, requiring a unified API. That’s where GraphQL comes in. GraphQL’s unified API can effectively deal with all the complexities.

  • No Over-Fetching or Under-Fetching

    With GraphQL, a client can request anything they need from different entities through the help of the API, and it will work flawlessly. Compared to the existing REST API, it is arguably easier to retrieve data and works very efficiently.

  • Better Experience

    GraphQL offers various tools such as GraphiQL and GraphQL Playground, which will help your organization have a richer experience. These experiences will allow everyone to try out the new API and have a better experience.

  • Higher Quality of Your System

    GraphQL uses a type system that works by providing the name and the type of each field, and it will also display the relationship between the different entities. It means you would be able to use the API with little to no effort.

  • Build For Change

    For an organization to work with the existing REST API, it would have to sort through multiple API versions to get things done without breaking existing functionality. GraphQL changes that and provides a streamlined approach to deal with it.

  • Better Infrastructure and Tooling

    If you happen to have the newer infrastructure and tooling, GraphQL will work seamlessly across all your platforms. If you can’t deploy new infrastructure, you can use our cloud infrastructure to deploy GraphQL.


Here are some of our unique set of benefits Consultadd Technology offers with GraphQL expertise.

  • Lean Development

    Consultadd understands how important it is that everything goes according to a suitable time frame. That’s why we offer lean development so that you get to enjoy doing what you want and leave the worry about development to us. Once you hand over the project’s development to us, you can rest assured that the outcome will go ahead just as you planned.

  • Timely Updates and Faster Delivery

    Projects can be complex, but no matter what complications we may face in the development phase, we will ensure that you get the project completed in time for a speedier delivery. You will get timely updates and will also be able to monitor the progress of the development remotely. This way, you are in more control of the entire project.

  • Constant Improvisation

    There will be constant improvisations as we go through the development phase, and based on your feedback on the progress, the development will continue in that direction. We will also analyze and evaluate everything during the development phase to ensure you get the best possible experience you and your organization deserve.

  • Prototype

    In the development process, we will compile different builds and see how each one performs. You can monitor the whole process or test a build yourself to see if the development is going on just as you intended. If you do decide to try, leave us with feedback, and we will improve upon that.

  • Agile Methodology

    We always perform a complete technical and economic analysis before starting the actual development process. Based on that data, we make a plan for the development. The actual outcome will depend on the method, and every phase of the project is evaluated to ensure we don’t deviate from the plan.

So, without any further wait, let’s get started.


Our graphQL technology expertise


Graphene is a library to implement a GraphQL API in Python.


Quicktype is a tool to generate typesafe code for GraphQL in any language.


Schemathesis is an API testing tool for GraphQL based web applications.

Appolo Server

It is a GraphQL package from Apollo that integrates with Node.js frameworks.