What is Kibana?

Kibana is an open-source analytic and visualization platform designed to work along with Elasticsearch. Kibana is the glue that ties all of the different pieces of an Elastic Stack deployment together. It is used to search, view, and interact with log data. The technologies behind Kibana’s user interface are JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. It also practices web browser technologies such as WebSockets to push data to the browser in real-time.

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Our comprehensive set of Kibana Services include the following services

  • Visualize Elasticsearch Documents

    Elasticsearch is an excellent tool for indexing and search-functionality. However, its data can be pretty painful to work with if you don’t have a graphical interface to manage the visualizations. Kibana is a free, open-source tool that benefits you to visualize your data in a graphical interface.

  • Custom Metrics

    Kibana is an Open Source strong log analysis and visualization tool that enables you to process and query logs from multiple sources, such as application logs and network traffic logs. Kibana is also used to search, view, and interact with log data.

  • Hierarchically storing data in Elasticsearch

    Elasticsearch is highly flexible, and it can configure different ways to store data in different ways. It can hierarchically store data in various hierarchical manners: in a hierarchical form in the sense that in a document, there is a type and a list of fields in addition to its data.

  • Visualize Elasticsearch Queries using Kibana

    Elasticsearch is a strong contender when it comes to having outstanding search performance and scalability. We only face when we use Elasticsearch because we can’t get into the details.

  • Visualize Elasticsearch Indexes

    Elasticsearch is a convenient tool that allows you to store data that you need to query for later. This powerful system comes with free open source software called Kibana. With this tool, you can easily create dashboards, search dashboards, and change the visualization according to your own needs.

  • Creating dashboards in Kibana

    In Kibana, you can create dashboards which are a collection of visualizations that you want to share with others or that you want to save for future use. Kibana is a powerful tool for analyzing and exploring data. It provides a simple way to ask questions about your data and gain valuable insights.


Our unique set of benefits are as follows

  • Highly scalable and secure

    Security, scalability, and flexibility are three key components that make up the best elastic stack. ConsultAdd’s stack has all of these components and more. Our team has worked hard to deliver a secure, scalable, and flexible stack that can run on most cloud providers, providing you with the most reliable elastic stack.

  • Support and integration of stack with the existing infrastructure

    ConsultAdd has pioneered the use of Kibana by providing a dedicated support team that will help you integrate our stack into your existing infrastructure. We provide the highest quality, enterprise-grade ELK stack with a comprehensive support package.

  • Help with DevOps and custom development environment

    Our DevOps services provide the perfect mix of professional developers and deployment specialists. We can help you build new applications, maintain legacy systems, and create new products by working together. We’ll deliver the best possible solution that meets your unique business needs.

  • Security, Updates, performance monitoring, and affordability

    ConsultAdd’s Kibana elastic stack service is affordable, safe, and reliable. We can manage the security of your Kibana elastic stack and make sure it is up to date with the latest patches and updates. You can rest assured that your Kibana elastic stack will be secure.

  • Create your own Kibana elastic stack

    If you want to create your own Kibana elastic stack, you will need to install Logstash, Elasticsearch, configure Nginx or Apache to act as the reverse proxy. It might seem like a daunting task that will require a lot of time and resources, and that is why you should consider using ConsultAdd’s Kibana elastic stack service.

We provide cost-effective and high-quality Elastic stack solutions to our clients. If you want to make your project or business real-time, Contact Us!