Elastic Search


What is Elastic Search?

“Elastic search” is an open-source tool that helps control a large volume of data and makes them searchable. It is developed in Java and has in-memory storage, making it a profoundly scalable and fast tool. It can be utilized as a log analyzer to store a massive quantity of data like logs.

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Our extensive set of Elk Stack Services include the following services.

  • Elastic search Sharding and replication

    Elastic search Sharding and replication split data across multiple shards and replicate it on more than one node. All this is to manage the high volume of data and avoid issues emerging due to any single node failure.

  • ElasticSearch Cluster-master-slaves

    Elastic search cluster-master-slaves are applied to scale up your Elastic search environment. Elasticsearch has lots of features. It is what you will call a search engine. It can also analyze and process data, store data, etc.

  • Elastic search cluster-data nodes

    The Elastic Search cluster data node manages the data and the mapping and helps with the search and retrieval operations. It also stores the data and handles replication.

  • Elastic Search Service is Stable

    ElasticSearch Service is presently available from AWS regions in the Asia Pacific, EU, Asia Pacific, and US East. In addition to Elasticsearch Service, AWS has also launched a new AWS Data Pipeline service and the AWS IoT Device Defender service.

  • Elastic Search is accessible and relevant.

    Elastic Search is a technology that allows massive scale search covering an extensive set of data. It is a beneficial technology to have available for DevOps. It will enable people to find the information they require to complete a given task, which can be extremely valuable if time is of the essence.

  • Elastic Search is transparent and robust.

    An elastic search is a powerful tool—the ability to search for information immediately and accurately is a significant asset for any business. Elastic Search is a cloud-based service that you can easily access from anywhere is a huge bonus.


Our unique set of benefits are as follows.

  • Easy to deploy and manage

    The Elasticsearch Service Management Console is a simple way to deploy and manage Search right from the Elasticsearch Service Management Console. It also provides cluster metrics to track progress and view historical data.

  • Fully managed

    Elastic Stack is a fully managed service. We do all the patching, upgrading, and monitoring of your Stack, which helps you focus on developing your product and not on your Stack.

  • Highly available

    Elasticsearch Service is backed by multiple availability zones and automatically scales according to your requirements, and ensures that your search experience remains stable and highly available.

  • Scalable

    Elasticsearch automatically scales to support your application’s load, which means that if demand increases, Elasticsearch automatically assigns more resources to your cluster.

  • Secure

    Elasticsearch Service has seamless integration with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) for encryption at rest and in transit. Elastic Search is a categorized, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving many use cases.

We can help you set up a comprehensive elastic search service from start to finish. Let’s get started