What is Beats?

Beats is a lightweight, extensible data shipper that runs on the system or embedded platforms and sends data to Logstash and Elasticsearch. It’s a toolkit for sending events and metric data to Elasticsearch and Logstash, a crucial part of any data analysis process.

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Our comprehensive set of Beats Services include the following services

  • Beats is lightweight

    Beats is lightweight written in go. The best part about beats is the libbeat framework, which allows developers to create customized “beats” for any data they would like to send to Elasticsearch.

  • The Beats comes with a lot of data shippers

    The beats have a lot of shippers, from Filebeat, which is a lightweight shipper for logs and other data, to Metricbeat, which is a lightweight shipper for metric data, to Function Best, a serverless shipper explicitly built for cloud data. Not only this, but using Libbeat, you can also create your beat.

  • Collecting logs from applications that don’t support Syslog

    Beats is a lightweight shipper agent used in the ELK stack to collect logs from applications that do not implement Syslog or forward logs directly to Syslog. There are many ways of collecting records, and the ELK stack is one of them. It is widespread and used by many companies.

  • Works with multiple cloud services

    The Beats flawlessly works with multiple cloud services, including Amazon’s CloudWatch, Google’s Stackdriver, and Azure’s metrics. Multiple Cloud Services makes it easier to write monitoring logic across numerous cloud environments. This way, you can have all your cloud monitoring and logs in one place.

  • Data Ingestion

    Data pipelines are an effective way to ingest your Beats data into your Elasticsearch deployment. However, when more advanced processing is required, we can supplement the pipeline with a Logstash configuration to leverage more powerful data transformation capabilities

  • Investigate the quality of service

    Using Beats, You can effortlessly collect information about your server fleet and push it into Elasticsearch, which is available for further analysis or exploration in Kibana. When put together with Logstash, it allows you to quickly investigate the quality of service across your entire company. Beats take up almost no resources, so there are lots of advantages to using them.


Our unique set of services are as follows

  • Out-of-the-box solution

    ConsultAdd is a leading company on the market of elk stack beats, and we have implemented solutions for various types of sites and projects. Our team of experienced and dedicated coders and full-stack developers is here to help you, and we’re always available for a consultation.

  • Built-in alerting for beat and add-ons logs

    If you are using beats to monitor your logs, you should know that using ConsultAdd’s service will greatly benefit your stack. We have built alerting for beats and add-ons logs into our service. You can set up alerts for your ‘logs’ so that you are notified by email, Slack, PagerDuty, or others if any of your log lines have a particular string.

  • Ease of scaling

    We at ConsultAdd are a team of experienced developers, designers, project managers, and other experts who can help your business become stronger through the outsourcing of your elk stack’s beats. Our team is here to help give you the time to focus on running your business while we handle the IT side of things.

  • Enterprise-level support for you and your team

    As your business grows and your elk stack needs to grow, so do the challenges and difficulties in managing and maintaining your stack. ConsultAdd is here to help you and your team to succeed.

  • Support for all available log shippers

    We at ConsultAdd also specialize in log shipper support — we do not offer log shippers of our own. However, we do support all existing log shippers, and we support log shippers that you might develop internally in-house. If you create a log shipper and you’re looking for support, we’re always happy to take a look at it.

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