Continuous Integration


What is Continuous Integration in DevOps?

DevOps Continuous Integration is an initiative to merge development and operations capabilities by automating the traditionally required human interaction processes. It includes hands-off deployments, health checks, and monitoring. Automation enables fast and efficient software delivery. DevOps CI provides a framework for automation, which allows the development and operations teams to work more efficiently.

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Our comprehensive set of Continuous Integration Services include the following services

  • Log and Event Monitoring

    Log and Event Monitoring helps dev teams get better visibility into how their applications are running in production. It includes being able to analyze logs for performance problems or security threats.

  • Automated Build

    Builds can be triggered automatically or on-demand by developers. It helps you to Replicate the error and fix it immediately before causing more problems.

  • Documentation

    CI helps produce better documentation in conjunction with automated builds by putting it all in one place. This process includes build documentation, test reports, and deployment history.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Infrastructure as Code manages and provisioning computing infrastructure and its configuration through machine-process.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance testing aims to expose software flaws that can cause problems in the production environment, such as slowness or improper use of resources.

  • Automated Tests

    Run automated test cases to ensure that your Code is always performing as it should.Test Reports are tracked and displayed in a user-friendly format for easy debugging.


Our services offer a unique set of benefits

  • Continuous Deployment

    With our CI System, you can have an automatic deployment that will push changes live within minutes of committing to the source control system. It reduces the time between pushing code, getting feedback from quality assurance testers, and putting your software into production.

  • Test Environment Management

    We have automated the creation of a test environment for each build by leveraging our Cloud Lab platform. This ensures that you always have an isolated environment that exactly matches your production environment to safely run tests and perform integration, performance, or regression testing.

  • Centralized Dashboard

    Our dashboard provides you with a central location to see the status of all your builds. You can drill down into individual job results to find out more about specific issues or to troubleshoot. It’s also easy to create custom dashboards and widgets that allow you to drill into your infrastructure.

  • Version Control Management

    Our platform helps you maintain and manage your source code library. You can easily search for, view, or checkout by the version of any code stored on the system. It gives you more visibility and control over changes made to your applications.

  • Code Quality Analysis & Email Alerts

    Our platform has advanced static code analysis capabilities to spot problems before they affect your application’s performance. We also send email alerts early enough to allow teams to catch and fix bugs before they become significant issues.

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Our AWS services expertise

Jenkins is one of the most popular hosted server-based CI tools that is heavily used in software projects. Jenkins provides a lot of plugins to build, deploy and automate any CI pipeline.

CircleCI is an hosted CI/CD solution to automate your development continuous integration in the cloud or on your own infrastructure.

TravisCI is a hosted continuous integration tool to build and test projects hosted on GitHub and Bitbucket. TravisCI provided open-source projects for free.

Bamboo is Atlassian’s continuous integration and deployment tool with build automation, test automation, and releases in one single workflow.

TeamCity is JetBrains’s continuous integration build management server. It is a flexible CI/CD solution for all kinds of workflows and development methodologies.

The harness is AI and machine learning-based CI/CD platform. It is an intelligent, native-to-container CI solution with builds isolation and extensions to build faster artifacts.