Cloud Application Development


What is a Cloud Development Service?

Cloud development provides organizations the capability to instantly develop, deploy, maintain and scale web-based applications, giving them the ability to create any application, whether it be for mobile, online-based, IoT, or desktop-based use. Organizations with limited resources can quickly develop and deploy web-based applications. This service is a low-cost alternative to conventional development, and businesses are increasingly adopting cloud development.

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Our comprehensive set of Cloud Development Services comprise the following services.

  • Lower hardware and software costs

    With cloud and virtualization technologies, the infrastructure cost is lower. The business doesn’t need to purchase and maintain its servers and software licenses. The cloud service provides all of this for a monthly fee.

  • Lower staffing and on-site security expenses

    These services hold Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than traditional software development because the business doesn’t need to hire their own on-site IT staff, reducing their staffing expenses.

  • Lower long-term IT maintenance costs

    Since the cloud service manages all of the business’s IT management and hardware needs, the business owner doesn’t need to hire outside IT staff. It sustains companies to lower maintenance costs.

  • Global access to development

    The foremost benefit of using cloud development services is that we can access them from anywhere and anytime. Cloud development service helps Global access to development and deployment of software and services.

  • Storage, security, and scalability of data

    It provides the clients with the expertise to build and store their data in the cloud and access it anywhere. It also permits them to monitor, manage, and control the data, applications, and services.

  • Multi-Platform Support

    Single-platform cloud development can be challenging. But with multi-platform support, cloud developers can build applications that run on different platforms making the development process more efficient and cost-effective.


Our services provide a unique set of benefits

  • Scalability

    We can support you with a solution that can constantly adapt to your business needs by leveraging the cloud. The most significant benefit of using this approach is that you can scale your software up or down to meet the ebbs and progress of your business.

  • Integrated Environment

    ConsultAdd provides a cloud platform that enables you to build, test, deploy, and monitor your applications, all within one integrated environment, which allows you to focus on developing your applications rather than managing servers.

  • Cost-effective

    ConsultAdd’s cloud development service allows companies to outsource a substantial part of their IT operations and has served as an excellent solution for businesses that want to leverage technology without going bogged down in the details of running a full-time IT department.

  • Faster Deployment

    ConsultAdd’s cloud development service allows you to launch all your web projects on our cloud platform quickly. As a result, you can launch your apps and sites in minutes, not hours or days. On the other hand, the cloud platform offers you peace of mind and security.

  • Reduced Turnaround Time

    In today’s market, savvy businesses are looking for ways to improve their cloud development process. That’s why ConsultAdd has built a reliable and robust system for a faster turnaround time, which helps these businesses save a ton of money and time.

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Our AWS services expertise

AWS Amplify

Build and deploy scalable web and mobile applications.

Amazon API Gateway

Build, maintain and deploy APIs with fully managed service.

AWS AppSync

Develop applications faster with managed GraphQL APIs.

AWS Device Farm

Get real devices and environments to test your application.

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Manage all notification like pub/sub, email, SMS and push notifications.

Amazon API Gateway

Easily create, publish and maintain secure APIs with a managed API gateway service.

AWS Lambda

Run code without worrying about a server with serverless compute service, Lambda.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Implement with fully managed, all-in-one queue service in the cloud.

Amazon EC2

Elastic virtual servers in cloud, with Auto scaling

Amazon CloudFront

CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver your data fast and secure.

Amazon DynamoDB

Fast, and scalable NoSQL database in the cloud.

Amazon S3

Simple storage service for multiple use cases.

Amazon Simple Email (SES)

Simple email service for any application.